Recession: Affordable things you can do for flawless skin

THE skin is one of the most important organs of the body, and as such, it is necessary to take good care of it. However, with the financial challenges the current state of the nation’s economy presents, below are a few tips to ensure that your skin stays as flawless as ever without breaking the bank:


Determine your skin type

Skin types range between oily, dry, normal and a combination of all three skin types. For normal skin, it should feel supple and smooth, especially in varying weather conditions. For oily skin, the texture feels greasy and usually requires that you dry off often. For dry skin, it feels flaky and can even look scaly in various portions, especially if exposed to cold water. Combination skin exhibits features of oily, normal and dry skin. Determining your skin type is the most important factor for getting flawless skin.


Eat right

Food is also a major determinant in achieving flawless skin. The food we eat plays various roles in preventing or speeding up wrinkles and determines the health of the skin. For flawless skin, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Also opt for natural protein alternatives such as fish and white meat. Also, do not forget to hydrate the skin by drinking enough water.



Moisturising the skin may not necessarily be by using artificial products. Instead, choose natural ways to moisturise the skin, such as using olive oil, natural shea butter and even coconut oil. Most of these natural products are available at local markets and are very affordable.


Remove makeup before bed

As tired as you may be from the day’s job, always remember it as a rule to get rid of makeup before bedtime. There are various kinds of makeup, so some may require more than just washing off the face. For these products, you can use a makeup remover. And for those who find themselves so tired that they sometimes forget to wash off makeup, keep some face wipes handy, so that all you need to do is just wipe off your makeup before bed.



The economic situation may make you feel stressed and push you over the edge in the effort to make more money. Getting enough rest, especially in the form of sleep, is very important. If you want the skin to retain its flawless state, you need to find time to rest. It will not only help to keep your skin in top shape, but will also prevent the frequent occurrence of dark circles.