RE: America’s Trump, an epitome of ‘talknado’

Your article on the above subject in the Tribune Newspaper was very impressive. However, we Nigerians are always forgetting all the time that Nigeria doesn’t have a system in place like the US where all the three tiers of government works and are accountable to the people. I don’t know President Muhammadu Buhari personally and I have never met him under any circumstance since I was born. But, I remember when he and the late Major General Tunde Idiagbon of blessed memory took over the government as military officers in 1983; it was very obvious they had good plans for their beloved country.

Let me just mention one or two points to let you know they had good plans for Nigeria. During that period, they were accountable to all Nigerians- publishing how much debt Nigeria owed and how much had been paid. In addition, those hoarding food stuffs like rice where busted and the hoarded foodstuffs were sold to all Nigerians at affordable prices. There was also serious lawlessness in Nigeria and they put a blue print in place. If you go to Yaba Bus Stop and many other Bus stops today, you will notice people still queue up has a result of their war against indiscipline campaign. This is an example of their legacy. Therefore, I believe strongly that if their reign longer, Nigeria would probably have been a better country today.

Another point I would like to emphasis is this: since 1999, which is the inception of this failed democracy, there had also been state and local governments in place. The State Governors collect revenue from the Federal Government but fail to deliver the dividend of democracy to their people. These Governors use our money to enrich themselves, their family and friends to the detriment of the common man. So, how can any sincere president succeed in this of corruption stricken country where looters under the guise of been politicians are all over the place.

President Donald Trump cannot perform any magic in Nigeria if he were the president of Nigeria. Likewise,  President Muhammadu Buhari will perform better in America if he was the US president because of the sane structure in place. Without the reduction of corruption in Nigeria to its barest minimum, whoever emerges as the president of Nigeria cannot perform any magic. Judges have also been found wanting with bribe money flying everywhere and that is the kind of corruption that is causing poverty in our land.

For me, President Muhammadu Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria and I see the fortune of Nigeria turning around from now on due to his good plans for his beloved country. He will be vindicated in the end. He is not God and only God is perfect.

Re: Another tale of police brutality, delayed justice
As usual, you are keeping my vendor out of recession, because of you and a few others in the Tribune newspaper, I still subscribe daily.

The Nigeria Police as it stands today is a pathetic case that no surgery can sustain or revive. It is absolutely corrupt, inept and is of course no Nigerian’s friend. What happened to Mr Adebayo is a daily occurrence in all parts of Nigeria from the hands of these bandits in uniform.

Until justice is served in any one of the numerous cases of police brutality and the officers are severely dealt with, I am afraid that they will continue with their narcissist and egoistic depraved acts nationwide.

But to whom do we run or where do we go for respite? We have not just come to the realisation that out judiciary is almost as corrupt as these villains in uniform. Only God will help people like Adebayo. Thanks for sticking to the truth. Personally, I have given up on this country but for our children’s sake, I will pray for Nigeria.

Adeosun A.

Re: Val without boo-boo baby

A very good prose, Val without boo boo baby. I would rather we just do not wait till this relationship is over but speak constructively with ideas that will help us thrive not merely survive. For a nation that is dead broke, we catch a thief with hands in the cookie jar but instead persecuting the person, people are taking sides based on all kinds of reasons- religion, geopolitical zone topping the list. We have to come together and fight for that which is true.


It is captivating how you aptly described this administration as a treacherous lover capable of causing his beloved nothing but pain. Change we were promised but pain we received. Several promises have been broken and are coming to a place of hopelessness. More disturbing is the fact that we are living like sheep without a shepherd, a herd with no guide. How long will a nation like that survive? You did convey my exact sentiments in that article but like you said, we must keep hope alive.

Dennis George, Niger Delta

Re: When will these executions stop?

The executions won’t stop until the drug trafficking stops. Your title should have been ‘when will this drug trafficking stop’?

Debra Amoo