Qualities of a successful leader

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, says that “a leader can be defined as someone who has the ability of supervising the people under him.” A leader is one who does not refuse to carry those under him along in generating new ideas.

He or she is a person who knows what to do, where to do it and the process involved. Furthermore, we need to consider the roles that make a leader to become well distinguished in a society.

The first is doing the right thing and providing a direction. As a leader, you cannot afford to do just anything anyhow in your organisation. Whatever you do must be something that is right and quite appealing.

A leader should be able to assign duties to those under him or her.

Secondly, as a leader, you must imbibe the spirit of motivation. Motivation has to do with things you use to encourage your subordinates and it can be provision of finance, or having a good interactive session with them whereby you all joke together. When you as a leader do all this, it makes the people under you to work very hard in order to bring out the desired output at a particular period of time.

In the world today, there is a common saying that you cannot give what you don’t have. I will say that this is true in every profession.

If you as a leader do not know how to lead the people around you, you will be taken for granted. Apart from the good leaders in Nigeria, we also have bad leaders who don’t motivate their people, leaders who allow decisions to be carried out anyhow; leaders who don’t carry their people along.

Taking the church as a typical example, there are leaders who direct the members of the church on what to do at each point in time. Failure to direct members on what to do leads to disorderliness as far as the religious setting is concerned.

Joshua Olagundoye