‘Pure water’ producers threaten strike in Lagos, Oyo

As sachet water sells for N20 in Lagos

Sachet water popularly called ‘pure water’ as well as the water packaged in bottles may go out of the reach of the common Nigerians as the prices of the commodities have gone up by between 50 and 100 per cent.

Sunday Tribune investigation revealed that, while the price of pure water has increased to N20 from N10 a sachet in Lagos, a bottle of water, which hitherto was sold for N50, now sells for between N70 and N100.

Three sachets of pure water sell for N50 in some parts of Lagos, particularly in areas with heavy volume of vehicular traffic.

In Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, a sachet of water is being sold in some parts for N15 instead of N10, while four sachets go for N50 at New Garage area.

A bag of pure water now goes for between N120 and N150 in the two states, with buyers complaining about the hike and in some cases, pouncing on hawkers of the commodity, particularly in Lagos Island markets.

It was gathered that producers of the commodity in Lagos and Oyo states have threatened to stop production with a view to making people reason with them on why they increase in price must be accepted.

Some of the producers, it was gathered, got angry when some buyers in Lagos protested the increase in price by pouncing on the hawkers and distributors of the commodity, with two vehicles said to have been vandalized in the process.

In Ogun State, however, while the price of pure water remains stable, many producers have stopped the production of bottle water on account of high cost of raw material.

Mr Titi Osho, a producer in Ogun, said “We met about four days ago and we discussed pricing. But we have not increased the price in Ogun. We still sell a bag N100 to wholesalers.

“But as for me, I have stopped the production of bottle water because an empty bottle which used to cost N15 has now jumped to N22 and a carton from N300 to N400 consequently. I only produce for those who agree to buy at that price.