Proposed LG autonomy: Kudos to Buhari

I want to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for saying that he supports local government autonomy. He has aimed high at moving the country forward by saying the 774 local governments in the country would become autonomous.

The president’s decision is welcome as it will help strengthen democracy at the third tier of government.  While the Federal Government sends allocation to the local governments, the greedy governors, because of the joint accounts they operate with the local governments, mismanage the funds for the third tier of government.  This is why the local governments are not functioning as they should. President Buhari’s position on the local government autonomy will, therefore, correct all these illegalities, while also promoting democracy.

I, therefore, want the president to quickly put in motion towards ensuring that local governments become free of state governments.

  • Abidoye Kolawole,