Being a prophet won’t stop me from singing at clubs —Lanre Teriba

Gospel singer, Lanre Teriba, claimed he has now turned a prophet and insisted that he would not stop taking his music to the clubs. In this interview with Segun Adebayo, the singer speaks on the controversy trailing his new calling and other issues.


Many people were not expecting you to contest for the position of Vice President  South West of the  Gospel Musician Association of Nigeria (GOMAN) but you did and won. How do you feel now?

In the beginning of the year, I released a statement that people should expect a lot from this year, the other sides of Lanre Teriba that people don’t know and have never seen before. Let me just say that contesting for the VP South West of GOMAN is one of the things that people are beginning to see. Trust me, this is not the last they will hear about me. I can tell you that being one of the executives of GOMAN is a big responsibility and I am ready to serve. I won the keenly-contested election a few weeks back and we have been working on how to bring everybody on board in order to restore the lost glory of the association. I really feel great and I am ready to work.


What are your plans for GOMAN?

We have started unveiling the plans and our people can see what we have been doing. We are determined to establish annual events that will feature our peers across the globe. We want to take GOMAN to the next level and put it on the world map. We have suffered in silence for a long time because we didn’t do things properly but now that we have put everything in order, you will begin to see the difference in GOMAN.


How do you feel when people say you are not a gospel musician?

I don’t want to talk about this matter again. I have said it before that I am sure of what I have been called to do and I won’t derail. I am very confident of God’s calling over my life and that is all that matters to me.


Your mountain, Oke Sioni, clocked one in September and many people were asking questions about what led to its establishment and how you want to run the place?

I believe that everyone needs a special place to commune with God. So, when it was time to open the place for God’s people to worship, who am I to say no to what God wants to do. I am just privileged to be doing what God has commanded me to do. If I don’t do it, He will raise another man to continue His job. Many people may not understand this, but in due time, they will realise what God has called me to do.


At the ceremony, you made some prophetic statements, could you tell us how you received God’s calling?

One never plans to become a prophet. Only God calls you out of many people to work for him. I have heard a lot of people say that what has come over Lanre Teriba? How could he tell us he’s now a prophet. My response to those set of people is that they should keep watching and listening to every word that comes out of my mouth. I didn’t call myself. God called me and I am ready to do exactly what He has asked me to do.


Will this not clash with your commitment to music?

There will never be a clash with my musical career. My career in music continues without any hindrance. I am not going to sit on the mountain all my life. People can go there to pray. If I minister in the morning, then I perform in the evening and it is vice versa.


What’s your take on gospel musicians who charge churches for ministration?

It is a great thing and I encourage it. We gospel musicians and our band members have bills to pay just like everyone else. I choose where I do charity.  Where I do charity does not choose me.


Now that you are a prophet, how do you feel about your past experiences, especially your mistakes? Do you wish you could correct any of your mistakes?

There is nothing about my past that I want to correct. There is absolutely nothing to rewrite. Every mistake I have made came with a more valuable experience that has turned me to a better person. I learn everyday and I am not immune against errors. When I make a mistake, I quickly look at the positive side of what may seem to be a mistake. I am very proud of the man I have become. So, I can tell you today that I don’t regret any of my actions in the past. But I thank God for making me a better person through some of the rough moments of my life.


What would you like to cut down on now that a lot of people would look up to you?

I still remain a gospel entertainer as I have always been. That I am a prophet does not change the fact that I will continue to reach out to the people from all walks of life through my music. I won’t stop preaching with my music. I have always said it that I am a gospel entertainer and that is not going to change. My music has no barrier. I have featured Oritsefemi and I am still looking to feature more. Pasuma, Olamide and even K1 are the artistes I am planning to feature in my next album.


How do you think your followers will see it when they see you singing at clubs?


What you don’t seem to understand is that I have been doing this before now. I have said it before that nothing should restrict anybody who wants to win souls for the kingdom of God. As for my followers, what they think does not matter as much as what God is doing in the lives of the people. I am not saying I would be sleeping at club houses, I will only visit if there is the need for me to do so. Clubs or not, my music must be heard and people must be blessed.


I know you love cars, has your love for cars reduced now?

I don’t think it can ever reduce. I have a weakness for cars.