Professor Johnbull condemns indecent dressing

Television viewers in the country were treated to an evening of fun and laughter on Tuesday when Episode eight of the Glo-sponsored TV comedy drama series, Professor Johnbull, came on air at 8.30 p.m. on NTA Network, NTA International on DStv Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes.

Titled “Happening Guys,” the episode which  paraded top comedian Ayo Makun (AY), X–rayed indecent dressing across all ages and sexes with the emeritus Professor, as usual condemning ‘sagging’ of trousers, especially by the youth.

It all started at Professor Johnbull’s residence when Dudus (Ayo Makun) came in with a travelling box filled with clothes he is selling and was being welcomed by Professor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye). Professor Johnbull came in few minutes later and was surprised to meet Dudus in his house. On enquiry, Elizabeth said he came to see Churchill and the Professor tried to chat him up.  Dudus’ response fell short of his expectation.

He corrected him when he noticed that he sagged his trousers, revealing his boxers, saying “don’t expose my daughter to indecent acts” and asked him to leave immediately but not without asking him his waist size.  Dudus responded unabashedly:  “size 36 but wearing swag 60”. The Professor exclaimed in his usual manner, “Mondieu,” dropping his walking stick out of irritation.

The professor subsequently faced Elizabeth who was smiling and said,  “What are you smiling at? Whatever I frown upon, you also frown upon it too.”  But she replied that “I frown upon it then, but since he left, something about him and the sagged pants stuck in my head; I guess it is because I am a girl.  I am a girl, you are a daddy”.  The professor retorted: “Thanks for letting me know and for that single reason, I will not let him anywhere near 20 kilometres radius and circumference of this premises.”

Elizabeth then explained that she’s not dating Dudus but her explanations were rebuffed by the professor who condemned Dudus outright, dwelling mostly on his indecent dressing style.






The issue of sagging also surfaced again when Professor Johnbull who just left Mei Doya where he bought yam from him at Olaniyi’s Nkwobi Shop, met Flash (Steve Odimbge) who sagged his pant while displaying his ‘swaging’ styles for Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko). He quickly condemned Flash for indecent dressing. He said “The he-goat is dancing on the street with his pant pulled half-way down and the foolish philanderer is applauding the he-goat.”  Jumoke quickly apologized and left while the Professor warned Flash not to parade his indecent sagging near his house.

The Professor later arrived home only to meet Dudus who was thrilling Elizabeth.  In a rage of anger, he went for his cutlass but met Elizabeth on the way who challenged him. “Daddy is this the example you want to show me? Irrational behavior in the face of anger? Daddy, he is just a friend, there is nothing more to it.”

Professor replied: “Of all the people to like, it is a jeans-sagging cloth seller,”

Discussing further, Elizabeth told her Dad that Dudus might become a top designer later and the Professor retorted angrily: “let him become that first.” Elizabeth also pleaded with her Dad who eventually agreed after much persuasion to allow her go out on a date with Dudus.

The date, however ended in humiliation as Dudus claimed he lost his purse and could not pay for their meal at the restaurant.  He was thoroughly harassed. An embarrassed Elizabeth later went home and related the incident to Professor Johnbull. She admitted that she could now understand his disdain for sagging and indecent dressing. Elizabeth believed that if Dudus had been properly dressed, the people at the restaurant would have respected him and give him the honour to pay later.

In conclusion, the emeritus Professor summarized the lesson of the episode thus: “Stop sagging, dress responsibly, this is Africa, what worked in the West, may not work here.”

The repeat broadcast of the episode will be on the same NTA channels at 8.30pm on Friday.