Prof Johnbull (3): Kanayo O. Kanayo’s petition lands Chiwetalu Agu in trouble

Ace Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, was in his best elements in the third episode of the new drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by the leading telecommunications company, Globacom.

Kanayo is cast as a garrulous, ex-university lecturer who delights in the use of high-sounding English words in the new social satire that has been making  waves among TV viewers, especially in the South-East.

In the third episode, entitled ‘Sorting Things’, which aired on Tuesday at 8:30pm, the professor tackled the interesting issue of inducement of lecturers for high marks by students. The episode presented an opportunity for Kanayo to truly bring the character of the professor to life.

The actor lived up to his billing as an experienced and versatile theatre practitioner, sending viewers rolling with laughter with his carriage, general mien and predilection for tongue-twisters.

For instance, the discovery of the unwholesome practice of inducement of lecturers by students to influence grades shocked the professor so much that he went into a frenzy of high sounding words, actively supported by his daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye).

The episode showcased the various means of soliciting and receiving bribes in exchange for high marks in higher institutions, drawing attention to the evil effects of this social ill.

The issue was introduced by Flash Boy, the “philanderer” (Stephen Odimgba), a student who ‘sorted’ (bribed) his lecturer, Professor Gozie (Chiwetalu Agu), in order to pass his papers.

Also, Caro, (Mercy Johnson-Okojie), Professor Johnbull’s housemaid, ‘sorted’ his private lesson teacher, Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko) in order to influence her grades. She was eager to impress Professor Johnbull that she was making swift progress with her lessons. It, however, backfired as her teacher reported the deal to the professor.

While admonishing Nigerian students not to bribe lecturers and lecturers not to demand or accept bribes from students, Professor Johnbull said he petitioned the university Senate after he learnt about what Professor Gozie did to Flash Boy and the professor who could still face a stiffer penalty had already been suspended.

The programme is aired on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes every Tuesday from 8.30pm to 9.00pm, with a repeat broadcast on Friday at the same time.