Primate charges Nigerians on prayers

The founder and Primate of Jerusalem Church of The Lord International, Dr (Mrs) Eunice Olufunke Babayemi, has been full of thanksgiving for 30 years of her ministry at its headquarters in Ajilosun, Ado Ekiti and charged Nigerians not to relent in their prayers for the country in its trying times.

Most Reverend Babayemi, who addressed newsmen as part of the celebration of 30 years of her commission, said she had rededicated herself to the service of God.

She also charged Christians and especially members of Jerusalem Church of the Lord to renew their prayers and always prepare for the coming of Christ.

While announcing that she had been in the Christian ministry for 45 years, she said the church was established at its headquarters 30 years ago and expressed “gratitude to God for His goodness over the years and His sustenance of the ministry.”

According to her, the current economic travails bedeviling Nigeria were as a result of poor leadership over the years, saying: “when you travel out of Nigeria to some countries, you will know that indeed, Nigerians are suffering.”

She, however, expressed optimism that Nigeria would come out of the present economic situation stronger, if only Nigerians could embrace honesty.

Babayemi hinged the economic hardship experienced in the country on pervasive  corruption in the system and outright loss of social values, saying God was ready to return the nation to the path of sufficiency if leaders could be truthful.

On the 20th anniversary of the creation of Ekiti State, slated for October 1, the cleric tasked the Ekiti State government to provide jobs for unemployed youths, describing this as the best way to promote education, the only thriving industry in the state.

Babayemi advised Nigerian leaders to  shun materialism and superintend over the people with the fear of God.

While citing some achievements of the ministry to include the establishment of a nursery and primary school and a maternity home, as a way of diversifying into other sectors to help the poor in the society, she expressed confidence in Nigeria’s all-round development.

“I am very confident that things will change for the better but nobody knows the time. We have oil in Nigeria, but our leaders are so corrupt it makes it difficult for our people to get fuel at affordable price. It is only God that can help.

On the unity of the  Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), the cleric urged the members to operate  in line with the commandment of God and stop meddling in politics in a manner that can taint Christendom.

“CAN is  a religious organisation. I find it worrisome that we can be involving in politics or promote sectionalism and get involved in corrupt practices. Our conduct must align with the Holy Bible. A man of God should not behave like those in the world, CAN leadership must be conscious of this and look for how to reform the association because God is coming to reward us according to our deeds,” she warned.