President Trump: The Jerk who’ll be a Legend (1)

The Lord Himself pronounced the world ignorant of things of the Spirit. With this understanding, its cruel cynicism towards its brand new president (America rules the world?), Donald J. Trump, is understandable. Because his ascendancy to the zenith of global power is deeply spiritual for only those who “can see”, the world of flesh will continue to be Trumphobic. Well, a demented portion of humanity, should truly be.

I claim no power of prophecy. But the same Spirit that asked me to “warn” the world of his Republican Party ticket precisely on August 2, 2015, about nine months before his stunning nomination, and “tell” the world to prepare for his presidency months before the November 8 shellacking of the legendary Clinton dynasty, fortified Obama coalition, the dubious but powerful American media plus political establishment and the entire world minus his voters and Gibbers, is speaking again today though the humbled world, is still likely playing the Armageddon card.

The 45th President of the United States, Trump is going to be one of the greatest leaders in history! saith the Lord.

But his GOP primaries’ rival, Jeb Bush was right describing him a Jerk in the heat of the bedlam of a campaign. Who is a Jerk? The most charitable dictionary definition says “an incredibly stupid person”, The world was even harsher; with two particular global leaders going overboard. Brexited former Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron and expiring French President Francois Hollande tore him, with Cameron calling him plain stupid and Hollande equating him with disgusting retch. Where are the wiser duo today? Cameron has been reduced to a paid speech-giver, with Hollande’s presidency disappearing. How Great Thou Art Lord.

The world that thought it knew the Trump worth, placed a bar. God that truly knew him, raised the bar. 48 hours back, the man who Barack Obama mocked endlessly at the 2015 White House media dinner, while seated in attendance, as engaging in nightmarish presidential pipe-dream, has just taken over the historic Abraham Lincoln bedroom from him! How truly Great Thou Art Lord!

But pray, what made Obama, CNN fat-cats and other nuisance American media, the biased world and its leaders including the Pope as well as I-hear-I-comment Trump haters, think they are better than this hugely-successful but brash and reckless New-Yorker, to sit in judgment over God’s plan for him? I’m particularly irked by Obama, a community organiser, and White House no-hoper, who God honoured. Yes, the birther movement led by Trump should hurt, but not sounding god-like during a London visit “Trump will never be president of America”. That moment, the Spirit of God told me, He had anointed Trump. Going forward, the rest of the predictive President Trump series was easy.


I remember an incident of yester-years, like yesterday. A friend came to town after a long physical separation. He started life ahead of me and assumed that he must always be ahead. He called and I told him to meet me at the mechanic’s. Another vehicle, comparatively lower in sight and sound, was parked beside mine. As I received him and made for where the two cars were, he shot ahead of me and went straight to the battered vehicle which he assumed should be mine because he was then riding something a little better and by his bar, I should always be behind.

As he made to open the passenger door to let himself in, I squeezed myself in, to open the driver side of my car. He was dumb all through the trip. How Great Thou Art Lord!

God works in wonders because His Name is Wonderful! Before you pick a man for battles, study him well especially when he doesn’t look like what he keeps turning out to be. It was one of my mummies who said the day men can predict God, we won’t have regard for Him again. That is why He keeps confounding his creatures to show He is God. He picks certain men for unique assignments. They are just tools. He is the Worker. Such men don’t fail on such assignments because an irrepressible Force greater than their limitations will be at work. Trump is on a spiritual assignment despite his obvious failings and perceived lack of spirituality. It is dangerous trying to stop such a man.

I also remember the first GOP crowded debate where also-ran ex-New York Governor George Pataki again declared god-like “Trump will never be the GOP candidate. He is the know-nothing candidate of 21st Century”. He be (my neologism). Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, once described as baseje Romney, unprecedentedly savaged his party’s candidate as “phoney”. God called him original. The “phoney” later interviewed Mitt(en) for an “original” job. All projections “failed” Trump. God “failed” all projection. How Great Thou Art Lord!

How sacrosanct is even Trump’s mandate and legitimate, his presidency? It is fair to make big weather of Hillary’s popular votes’ win that came mainly from California. Aside one of the largest Electoral College wins in history for Trump, would his haters who are not necessarily Hillary lovers, see it fair for Hillary to be president, winning less than 20 states out of 51? Does Trump not look more like majority winner?

And then Russia and her thuggish leader Vladimir Putin? Let’s accept the Democratic Party hack was Kremlin’s. Let’s also accept the outcome winded Trump. Who should be applauded and skinned here? The roguish Obama and Hillary’s party on one side and the whistleblower on the other. The answer should be very obvious, only that the world decided to be roguish because it was Trump. On the election night, I just went to bed, fully settled in my spirit that I would wake up to see the God’s anointed shocking the hating world. That is God who never ever fails.

(To be continued).