What President Buhari must do

The founder, Christ for All People’s Church, Ojo, Lagos State, Prophet Samuel Oyadara, speaks on current challenges facing the country, in this interview with BOLA BADMUS.


WHAT is your take on the current state of the country?

We thank God for his favour and grace over us and for ensuring the oneness of the country till today. What I think is happening is that we have not been observant enough. God has said it before that there would be problems and worries for countries that do not worship Him enough. Everything has a beginning and an end. No matter how difficult, the end would come one day.

Concerning the change that we are expecting, we have said it before as we were sent by God that it is not now and cannot be effected by those who are currently in positions of authority. So, Nigeria needs a lot of prayers to bring about change of everything and people should know that the change begins from me and you. We should leave everything to God so that he can bring relief to the country.


How about the challenges we have faced in recent times, especially with security?

What I want you to know is that Boko Haram, IPOB and the militants are not spirits; they are human beings. What I want to say is that if God wants to punish a country. He can use every way to make that possible. If it escapes from one problem, God can inflict another problem on such country so that we would know we have not reached where we are destined to reach. The missing Chibok girls are still being expected to return. You will recall that I said that if they are to return, not all of them would do so.

What I see in all this is that all of us, including leaders and followers, should live as God expects of us. That is the only way we can avoid war and ensure peace because as it is now, there is no love among us in this country. Even though we mouth national unity, there is no love amongst us. We only love ourselves but we don’t serve God enough. Until we follow and obey God, things cannot be right.


Nigeria is in economic quagmire right now and there is poverty and hunger in the land, while promises made by government have remained largely unfulfilled. How would you address the current situation of the economy?

As a child of God, and I say it with authority from above, nobody should expect that things are going to improve or the pains are going to be less severe, but we should just pray. Between now and December, you will see what will happen. In the name of Jesus, we would not experience war.

Regarding the economy, you can see that prices of things, including food items, are high and even the security of lives is not guaranteed, and it is said that the primary purpose of any government is security. The country needs prayers from me and you. And the problem is that people find it difficult to follow the words of prophets. What is the solution to Nigeria’s problems? God knows it. It is in the hands of the leaders; they should seek the face of God. I mean they should do so through those pastors and prophets who are not looking for envelopes. There is nothing difficult that God cannot provide solution to.


President Muhammadu Buhari was reported to have called on spiritual leaders to continue to pray for the country, even as he assured that his government was doing its best to improve the situation in the country. Are spiritual leaders praying for Nigeria?

True, he may call on them, but there is a way you call on people if you are desperately looking for something. It is one thing to ask people to pray, it is another thing to call for those who are genuine men of God. It is only God that can intervene in the matter on ground now. How do you seek the face of God? It is through fasting and prayers. When those who are genuine prayer warriors cry unto God, by the time they do that for a month or two, God would tell them what to do. It is not about sitting in a well furnished office and rolling around on a chair. And for those being patronised by government, God doesn’t relate with them anymore, they are only left with mere big names.

For instance, I have not heard that the country organised a programme with prayer warriors. Any government that wants to succeed must do this. Whatever thing that needs rebuilding would be difficult to achieve initially, but the difficulty would be surmounted thereafter. Our prayer for the country is that all of us should live peaceful and abundant lives; work should be available for people; there should be housing for the homeless and security should be provided. This country should be feeding other countries. The land is fertile enough; there is nothing you plant that would not germinate. We pray that God will open the hearts and minds of our leaders.


If you have the opportunity to meet President Muhammadu Buhari, what advice would you give to him?

I would tell him that the money to rebuild Nigeria is in Nigeria. Secondly, I would let him know that the blood that has been shed is crying for justice. Something is drawing the anger of God. If that is stopped, then the anger would stop. But the problem is that they don’t know how to stop the blood spilling; they are only fighting physical war, whereas the war ravaging Nigeria is spiritual. There are some secrets the president needs to know over which he should take action. If he takes steps, definitely Nigeria must change for the better.