Police, recruit the best

IT is a good thing that the Nigeria Police have commenced activities towards recruiting new officers into its fold. This will go a long way in reducing the number of unemployed people in the country. However, one thing should be noted by the police hierarchy; there will be many people of shady characters who will also try to get recruited into the force. This is why it is important that the police vet those who will be employed thoroughly.

We know how officers with shady characters portray the police; they are the ones responsible for collecting bribes, or even aiding criminals. However, with the over one million candidates who applied to get enlisted into the police, it shouldn’t be hard before 10,000 candidates with impeccable characters are identified and employed.

However, the greatest obstacle to employing the best will be when top police officers and politicians start short-listing candidates for employment. This will make it impossible to vet the candidates being employed through the back door.

The whole essence of this letter, therefore, is to charge the police to do everything in its power towards ensuring that the best candidates are recruited into its fold, as this will definitely reflect in the society. Nigerians are tired of hearing stories of drunk policemen misbehaving in public, or those who shoot innocent victims because they refused to part with bribes. This is another opportunity for the police to redeem its image by employing refined Nigerian youths into its rank and file.


  • Yetunde Soares,

Surulere, Lagos.