What PDP owes Nigerians

IF the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is really serious about its survival, then its leaders must shelve personal political ambitions and work towards uniting the party. The crisis bedevilling the party can bring about its demise, and this is not good enough for democracy in the country.

PDP owes Nigerians the responsibility of being a strong opposition party, but with the crisis in its fold, then the party is weakening every day, and it will be unable to perform its role as the main opposition party in future elections in the country.

This is the reason all the leaders of the party must focus more on its survival, so that Nigeria is not turned into a one-party state.

I particularly want to urge Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff and Senator Ahmed Makarfi to come together and speak with one voice in the best interest of the party.

The PDP has a great opportunity to return to Federal power in the next general election, but this will be determined by how united members are going into that future elections.

The forthcoming elections in Ondo and Edo states are a great opportunity for the PDP to test its popularity among the citizens of these two states. However, one thing is sure, if the PDP speaks with one voice, then nothing can stop the party from becoming victorious in these two elections. The hope of the party achieving victory, therefore, is when it is united.

  • Wisdom Aneke,