PDP crisis: How to achieve true reconciliation —Shuluwa

DEPUTY chairman, Elders Forum,  Peoples Democratic Party in Benue State,  Chief  Abu Shuluwa  has said that the ongoing reconciliatory moves at the national level by the party should trickle down to state, local and ward levels.

Speaking with Nigerian Tribune in Makurdi, the state capital, he said it by doing so that all stakeholders in the party would be carried along in taking PDP to the next level.

He explained that the only way for PDP becoming a formidable  party  capable of winning  in 2019 was by reconciling all aggrieved parties at the grassroots level.

On the Benue State chapter of PDP,  Shuluwa said:  “Peace can only prevail when the existing structures are dissolved, because, in the state, PDP is factionalised into two and a similar situation operates in so many states.

“The problem is that former state governors under the party have  hijacked the party structures  in their respective states  because they have the money and as a result thought that it is their right to dictate the pace even at the expense of the founding fathers of the party.”

He identified a culture of impunity and imposition of candidates was the albatross of the party, warning that until  “this is erased from our consciousness and allow the founding fathers to re position the party, we may continue to wander in political wilderness.

“Most of the people, who dominate the party in Benue today, were civil servants at the time some of us were establishing the party. Unfortunately, these people in connivance with the former governors and ministers  dictating  the pace to destroy the party.”