Oyo partners Songhai farms on integrated agriculture

OYO state government and Songhai farms, Port Novo, Benin republic are to partner with a view to implementing a system of integrated agriculture in the Oyo state. The partnership will see the replication of the Songhai farms’ system of agricultural integration in poultry, fishery, livestock and crop

production from planting to harvesting, storage, transportation, manufacturing and processing in the state. Governor Abiola Ajimobi who disclosed this upon his return from a study tour of Songhai farms, said the project would be replicated in Oyo state starting from April. Ajimobi stated that the partnership will result in Songhai farms establishing a training centre in Oyo town where residents of the state receive requisite agric training to be successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, he noted that the collaboration will enhance the state’s agriculture value chain whereby agric produce becomes relatively cheap, while reiterating that his administration was committed to a legacy of a booming agricultural sector in years to come. “Agriculture is the fulcrum of all other developmental strides.

Agriculture will solve unemployment, youth indolence, commercialization, production and would create a lot of companies for our people. We will give Songhai a land in Oyo town to farm. We will bring Songhai in and establish a centre to train students of secondary schools, colleges of education, workers in the agric system. From that centre, we will have satellite development from which businessmen, entrepreneurs can benefit.”

“Songhai farms epitomize agricultural integration from clearing the field, planting, harvesting, storage, transportation, processing to manufacturing, through distribution, marketing to the households. It’s a complete value chain. We want to do poultry, fishery, livestock, crop production. We are committed to ensuring that what happens there in Port Norvo is replicated in Oyo state. Effective April 1st, Songhai farms will come to Oyo state and start a similar project,” Ajimobi said.