Oyo govt, rehabilitate Liberty Stadium Road

I want to use this opportunity to call on the Oyo State government to rehabilitate the Liberty Stadium Road in Ibadan, the state capital.

The condition of the road at the moment is just so terrible, with craters on several portions of the road.

Recently, a commercial motorcycle operator who was plying the road for the first time, and was obviously unaware of the craters, lost control when he entered into one.

He was immediately thrown off his motorcycle, along with his passenger, an elderly woman.

It was only by divine providence that they didn’t lose their lives, but they suffered severe injuries.

Many other accidents have occurred on this road, particularly at night.

I hope the state government can quickly order the patching of the road so as to reduce accidents, while also making driving on it more pleasurable.


  • Yemi Adeoti,

Liberty Road,