Ortom advises new Tor Tiv to swear by Bible

AS selection of the new Tiv paramount ruler, Tor Tiv is on, governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has advised that the new Tor Tiv must  swear on Bible.

Tor Tiv stool has been vacant since the demise of Dr Akawe Torkula since November, 2015, while the process of selecting chiefs and Tor Tiv began with the  signing into law the Council  of Chiefs and Traditional Councils Amendment  Bill  2016 in Makurdi few weeks ago.

Ortom had earlier admonished people of the state, particularly Tiv nation, on the need for new Tor Tiv to take oath of office with the Bible, and the call has generated heat in the state.

Several people including former police commissioner of Lagos state and socio critic, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, slammed the governor for trying to desecrate the traditional rites of the Tiv nation.

However, the governor reiterated the call at the launch of a gospel album ‘Breakage Africa’ by the new Jerusalem singers at Aminu Kotangora complex, Makurdi last Saturday.

Ortom said that it was more profitable to serve God rather than idols, adding that his success story  in life was a testimony of his faith in Christ through God’s grace and mercy.

“Since  I came in contact with God through the Lord Jesus, I have good testimony to tell the world that only in God that one can attain higher level, at several fora I have relayed story of my life starting off as a motor tout and gradually rising to the position that I am now (governor). This is a great testimony that with God sky is the limit”.

While emphasising that he would not interfere in the selection of the new Tor Tiv, Ortom also admonished the people saddled with the responsibility of the selection process to be transparent and faithful in the assignment.

“I have said it once and I am repeating it now that God has told me not to interfere in the selection of Tor Tiv, my prayer, however, is that a God fearing person should emerge and such person will be able to take his oath of office with the Bible”.

He explained that such development would indicate that traditional ruler would be guided by the teachings  of the Bible to rule with the fear of God and lead the Tiv people in the right direction pointing out that those in his position are in majority.

The governor who cited biblical reference, Job 36 verse 11and 12 said it was clear to him that the people of the state needed to return to God in repentance as only that could heal the land.