Opeyemi Ayeola breaks silence

Just when tongues started wagging about the whereabouts of Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Ayeola, the actress decided to break her silence.

Announcing her return to the entertainment industry with the release of her latest flick, Ayeola wrote “It was with love and joyful concern that we gladly responded creatively to the calls and yearnings of our ever faithful and consistent followers and fans all over the world, who, due to our assumed silence at a point,  continuously asked “where is Opeyemi?Is she no more acting?

She continued “in one sentence, we humbly replied “expect more. And to confirm this, today, another one of a kind power packed movie, from the stable of S.D n O productions, under the movie house of Opeyemi Aiyeola Films, marketed globally by Corporate pictures international, added to these, our online viewers through OkinTv have the opportunity to taste the beautifully baked massive hit. Don’t wait to be told? Go all out and be part of this movement. I bet you will come back and thank me for it” she said

This was great news as all her fans cheered her  in excitement that she was back on her grind as an actress.