Onslaught on Lagos, Ogun: Kudos to the military

I T seems the military has woken up from its slumber and it is doing what is expected of it. Since last week, the military has been attacking the militants who had been disturbing the peace of innocent citizens in the riverside communities of Lagos and Ogun states.

To highlight the importance of this mission to the military, the Nigerian Airforce had, before the commencement of the attack on the militants, done the aerial mapping of the area.

It was, therefore, surprising to the militants when the bombardment of their terrain started last week.

Before now, the militants felt nobody could curb their activities, as they attacked people without fearing any consequence. They even had the mind to attack the convoy of the Ogun State deputy governor when she came to visit the affected areas.

As a result of the activities of the militants, the majority of residents at the riverine communities, particularly those in Ikorodu, Lagos, had fled for fear of being killed or raped.

With the mission of the military, I don’t think things will return to normal in these communities in the nearest future. Even those who have properties in these areas still fear to return, believing that when the mission ends, the militants will re-group and launch deadlier attacks on them.

That is why I want to call on the leadership of the military not to pull troops out of the communities after the mission. It will make more sense if a military base is established in the areas, as this will deter the militants from re-grouping.

While appreciating the military for what it is doing in our communities, I also want to thank President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the onslaught on the militants.

  • Debo Arowolo,

Ikorodu, Lagos.