Ondo Election: We’re prepared — APC

THE leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Wednesday said that, the party is prepared for the Saturday’s Ondo State election.

Briefing newsmen in Abuja the Deputy National Secretary of the Party, Mr Oji Ngofa, said that the party is battle ready to slug it out with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

He equally noted that available records show that the APC is the only party ready for the election as others parties are busy calling for postponement.

On the court of Appeal ruling that was given in favour of Mr Eyitayo Jegede as against Mr Jimoh Ibrahim as the candidate of the PDP he said, “It is okay. No table has turned against us. I can say we are prepared. The ruling is a welcome development; it shows that our judicial system is working and they have continuously proving that they are the hope of every person, especially the so call common man and so our party is ready for Jegede, even if you put them together, we are prepared. Come Saturday, Ondo chapter would be a party for us.

“Whoever represents PDP in Ondo State; be it Ibrahim or Jegede, we are prepared. We are better ready, better prepared in Ondo than any other party as at today. So, we welcome the contest, we welcome the healthy contest that Jegede legal victory would bring to the entire process. It is good for Ondo State, it is god for Nigeria but APC is prepared to win Ondo State on Saturday,” he stated.

On the fallout of APC primary in the state, he said, “I want to say also that a lot has gone positively in terms of reconciliation with the little issues that emanated from the primaries. I can confirm to you that reconciliation has gone on very well and everybody is prepared and ready for the Saturday, 26 and by the grace of God our party would be triumphant in the election. Don’t forget that our preparation from the beginning was to remove PDP from Ondo State.”