Ondo 2016: Olusola Oke Is The Messiah -Gathering For Good Governance



Barrister Olusola Oke is an advocate of democrat for cross-cultural understanding, a progressive to the core, with a keen interest in diplomacy. He employs his profession and interest to liaise and advocate on Ondo State issues at the political, grassroots and legislative levels.

Olusola Oke empowers and supports the youth to become successful entrepreneurs and make themselves self- reliant and indispensable to themselves , Ondo State and the nation at large.


  1. To address the income and other human development problems of rural people in Ondo State .
  1. To seek and implement various activities that will impact on rural women, their families and their communities.
  1. To explore ways to harness the resources of communities, through mechanisms that would contribute to the overall development and advancement of the entire Ondo State.
  1. Mobilization in agriculture, food processing, health, arts and crafts, education, recreation and women-related welfare concerns.
  1. Empowerment through education – adult literacy and skill acquisition.
  1. Creation of income-generating activities through trainings — Production of Cosmetic Body Creams and Perfumes, Cassava Processing and Production.
  1. Capacity-building workshops: awareness on environmental hazards caused by carbon emission through firewood and charcoal burning, safety standards and regulations, introduction of clean cookstoves and other clean energy equipments.
  1. Formation of rural women into cooperative societies to encourage savings, investments and access to funding from microfinance banks.


 Olusola Oke Volunteers Group has a vision to see that Ondo State is poverty-free and the living conditions of rural dwellers, particularly women, is significantly improved and they are able to participate actively in all strata of social, political and economic development.

The group, through its various advocacy programmes, is raising increased social awareness, acceptance and widespread knowledge of issues confronting the good people of Ondo State. Also, it’s empowering women socially, economically and politically, and the group has been since achieving outstanding results.

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