Olofa preaches love, unity in Eid el fitri

THE traditional ruler of the ancient town of Offa in Offa local government area of Kwara State, Oba Mufutau Oloyede Gbadamosi, has urged all Muslims to continue to preach peace, unity and tolerance among themselves with people of other religions to move forward as a people under Almighty Allah.



In his Eid el fitri message, which was made available to journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday, Oba Gbadamosi, called on all and sundry not to jettison all  good works done during the Ramadan, saying, “Let it be our foundation upon which all our actions will rest for the next 11 months when the opportunity will once again present itself.



“Every Muslim community all over the world is undoubtedly in a festive mood today as it marks another Eid el fitri after the one month Ramadan fasting period. I am so delighted to congratulate all Muslim Ulammahs’ on the successful conclusion of the most holy Ramadan Kareem. May Allah grant all our hearts desires.


“This period is not just for merry making alone but an appropriate time for us to be devoted to Almighty Allah in our supplications. It is also a period to examine our doings and continue to be steadfast in our relationship with our fellow human beings in line with the injunction of the glorious Holy Quran and the exemplary leadership of Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

“It is also an opportunity to once again, learn from the spirit of humility and forgiveness, which our Prophet Mohammed is preaching to us. As a person, group, society and nations of the world, we need to learn how to take care of the destitute and the less privileged amongst us. We should know that in the spirit of brotherliness, it is our religious duty to give a helping hand to those who are less fortunate materially, financially and spiritually.


“It is also important to stress the need to uphold the virtues of peace, love and unity in the interest of an enduring communal progress and development. But as the holy Quran confirms, only the creator can direct us to the right path.”