Officers who fail alcohol test to be dismissed –Police

“Policemen in Lagos now undergo drunkenness test as part of the efforts of the state police command to curb incidence of extra judicial killings by policemen in the state. Any policeman that tests positive to alcoholism while on duty in Lagos State now risks being dismissed from the force.”

The image maker in charge of the state police command, Dolapo Badmos stated this in an interview with Lagos Metro, on Tuesday.

The Lagos police image maker also stated that the measure has helped greatly in reducing cases of extra judicial killings by policemen in the state.

The Lagos Police image maker, while reacting to a question from Lagos Metro on what the police are doing to arrest extra judicial killings, said, “when last have you heard that a policeman accidentally killed anybody?”

She continued that, “before now, almost every week you hear of such things but now you may not hear any. We have put a lot of measures in place.”

Our hospitals are well-equipped to test policemen who are suspicious of drunkenness. The law has been there before now, it is just the implementation. Now it is a dismissible offence to drink while in uniform. They (the policemen) now realise that they can lose there job in a twinkle of an eye.”

She added that, “we are not doing magic because magic doesn’t last. People should be patient with us.”