It is not easy to make Nigerians laugh —Shete

Akinsete Olakunle is one of the fastest growing comedians in the South West. He spoke to ROTIMI IGE recently about his recent projects, among other things.


The comedy industry is evolving massively. What challenges does this pose to you as a stakeholder?

Our industry has been really challenging, coupled with the fact that it is not easy to make Nigerians laugh. Also, we all know that there is nothing good that doesn’t have challenges. So when challenges come, you stand to face it because that’s the only way history can be made and the story can be told.


What new projects are you currently involved in?

Well, this year’s edition of RendezvousWithShete is tagged ‘The vintage’.


What will be different about this year’s event?

We want to give our entire audience a nostalgic feeling. Bring them good old memories in a comic manner basically.


What is your relationship with your colleagues in the industry?

I relate well with my colleagues both the seniors and my friends. I have a very good rapport with quite a number of them and we cool like that.


So would you say the competition is healthy?

Yes, there is competition but I make sure I compete when its holy. I don’t have any fear. Even the bible told me to ‘Fear Not’.


Is there discrimination between Lagos and other comedians?

Well, I won’t say it is discrimination. It is just that most people think if they are not in Lagos, it might be difficult to blow. However, I’ll just say it is a mindset that has been created because it is left to you to position yourself well. No matter where you are, make sure you make sense.


What impact do you hope to make in your industry?

I’ll like to affect my immediate environment positively and leave an indelible mark everywhere I find myself.