NOSDRA adopts new technology to tackle oil spill

National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) has adopted a new technology to tackle the menace of oil spillage in Nigeria.

The technology, according to the agency, would assist in rapid response to oil spill and prevent further degradation of the environment.

Minister of Environment, Aisha Mohammed, who spoke at a national workshop on oil spill note that the use of oil spill modelling techniques in predicting the direction of spilled oil in the marine environment was quite a laudable innovation.

She described it as a tool which presents a very valuable opportunity for both oil spill preparedness and response activities.

Hajia Mohammed, whose message was delivered by the Director General of NOSDRA, Peter Idabor, restated the Federal Government’s commitment in completing the Ogoni land clean-up exercise and extending such to other parts of the country affected by oil spillage.

She decried the activities of militants and other illegal acts that negatively affected the environment.

Also speaking, leader of the modelling team, Liam Harrington disclosed how his team intended to assist with rapid response to oil spill through cutting edge technology.

He said, “We have a number of models ready to be engaged. We can use three and two dimensional models to look at the oil spill movement on the surface or underneath the water surface, as well as model how the oil changes overtime. That has key impact on the response strategies you want to employ.”