Nollywood actor lands role in Vikings, into the Badlands

Stanley Aguzie, a Nigerian actor and filmmaker, is part of the cast of an Irish-Canadian award-winning historical drama series, “Vikings”. He is also working on the set of “Into the Badlands”, an American television series.

Speaking about his role in a statement made available to Saturday Tribune, the Imo State-born thespian, who relocated to the Republic of Ireland last year said, “When I was invited for this casting, I went thinking I couldn’t get the role since I am not as handsome as the character described.

“So, I went to give it a trial and the casting director looked at me and said, ‘Directors have the right to change their minds when they meet better actors. “You are not as muscular as we want but I think we can work, Stanley’. I was surprised when I got a call-back and landed myself this small role that means the whole world to me. I just got a small extra role on Vikings the award winning series”.

Popularly known in the motion picture industry for his short films such as Save Me, and Entrust, Aguzie first made his entrance into the entertainment industry in 2005 as a comedian and then a stage actor.

He has now been linked with major projects including Wale Adenuga’s production and biggest franchise, Super Story; MNET’s TV series, Tinsel, Seven Production’s Emerald, and African Magic Original films like The Andrews File and When You Die among others.