NOA, UNICEF begin campaign to end female genital mutilation

Worried by the persistent female genital mutilation in Imo State, the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Imo State has commenced public enlightenment in the rural communities, as an attempt to end the practice in Igbo land.

Speaking at the public forum for accelerating the abandonment of female genital mutilation on Monday at Isinweke in Ihitte/Uboma L.G.A, the director of NOA Mr Vitius Ekeocha, said a lot of reasons had been adduced to why females genital mutilation was performed by many communities in Nigeria.

It was in view of this social problem he said, in most Igbo communities, the NOA with the assistance from UNICEF,  decided to carry the important message to the rural areas to stop the practice.

According to him, these reasons most of which are rooted in our cultural beliefs and tradition had caused a lot of harm and damages to womanhood, of ten leading  to incapacitation and death.

Mr Ekeocha said further that girls and women who hadundergone female genital mutilation were at the risk of suffering from its complications throughout their lives.

Speaking the Nigerian Tribune, one of the participants of the workshop, Mrs Theresa Igwe, said that her community had abolished the practice since two years ago.