There is no more love in our marriage —Wife

· Grant her request if that’s her wish —Husband

A business woman, Aminat Adegoke, who has been married for about six years has filed a divorce suit at Oja’ba/Mapo Grade ‘C’ Customary Court, sitting at Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, against her husband, Wasiu, a trailer mechanic in Lagos on account that he is troublesome and uncaring.

The plaintiff said: “We’ve been married for about six years and the marriage produced a child, who is living with me. My husband is six years older than me. “I want the dissolution of our marriage because my husband does not take care of me and our child. I’ve been responsible for the child’s upkeep for the past four years. I pay his school fees. My parents told me that he came to pay N50, 000 in three instalments. There is no more love in our marriage. I’m fed up with him.

“In addition, his mother did not want me to marry him; she even came to fight in our house. I want this court to separate us and I want to take custody of the only child of the marriage,” Aminat told the court.

While responding to his wife’s allegations, Wasiu Adegoke explained that he works in Lagos State as his wife mentioned and he is ready to grant his wife’s wish if that is what she desires.

“I admit the claim if that is what she wants. I’m ready to release the child to her for now. There’s no more love between us,” said Wasiu.

Having considered the evidence given by the two parties, the court ruled thus:

“Divorce on repayment of no dowry is granted.”

President of the court, Chief Odunade Ademola and his members, Elder E.O Ogundipe and Chief Rafiu Raji ordered that the custody of the only child of the marriage be given to the plaintiff. The defendant was also ordered to be paying N5, 000 monthly as feeding allowance for the child until he grows up.