Nigerians will praise Buhari in 2017 —Primate Olayinka

Primate Olawale Olayinka is the founder of King David Kingdom of God Church, otherwise known as Miracle Palace. Olayinka in this interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO speaks on his ministry and God’s plans for Nigeria in 2017.


HOW did your journey into the prophetic ministry start?

I would say that I had been called by God before I was born. You may not understand what I mean by that, but the truth is that God chose me as one of His own before my mother gave birth to me. There was a prophecy that was revealed to my mother shortly after she conceived me. My mother told me how she came in contact with a cleric who told her that she was going to give birth to a prophet, who would take God’s work across the length and breadth of the country.


Did your mum tell you where?

The prophecy was revealed to my mum, according to her on the popular Erimo Mountain in 1948. She said that the prophet said because she came to the mountain to pray, God revealed to him that she would give birth to a boy, who would grow up to be a minister of God; somebody who had been destined to lead the people of God on a prophetic journey. Shortly after the prophecy, my mother became pregnant after she had waited on God for many years. After my birth, I was taken out of my father’s house to my grandmother’s house. I was born in Ilesa in an area called Ikoji, in Osun State. I had my primary and secondary school education in Osun State, after which I proceeded to Kano State. I lived in Kano for a long time. I was a car dealer for many years and I also worked with Brisco Limited. All those years when I was working, I had a lot of challenges, especially when it got to the point where God asked me to stop working and join His ministry. I tried to avoid God’s calling for a long time, but the more I tried to run from God, the harder things got for me. I lost everything I had worked for. All my cars were sold and everything I had got lost. It was a very difficult moment in my life.


What year did God call you into His ministry?

God called me in the year 1979.


How did you know it was God’s voice?

On that fateful day, I was coming from Kano, I was in the car and I heard a voice that said to me: “son, now is the time for you to work for me.” I was confused and asked the person sitting beside me if he also heard the voice but he said he didn’t. I told my mother about it when I got to Ilesa. She said she was not surprised because there was a prophecy before my birth, and she said I was only fulfilling the prophecy. That was how my journey into ministry started. I went to Erimo Mountain, where I fasted and prayed for seven days. After the seventh day, I returned to Kano but I couldn’t stay long because of the Maitatsine crisis in Kano in 1980. So, I had to leave for Lagos. It was in Lagos that God finally revealed the mission to me. I was led to Ibadan in 1977 to occupy this worship centre that we are currently using. I have been in Ibadan since then and God has used my ministry to bless many souls within and outside the country.


What do you make out of the current hardship Nigerians are facing and do you think there is a way out?

God told me that Nigeria will be great under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. Things may be hard now but Nigerians should be patient and wait on the Lord’s promise. God revealed to me that He was behind Buhari’s emergence as the President of Nigeria. A lot of people have been complaining bitterly about his policies but I strongly believe that he means well for Nigerians and he would do that which is the best for us. Nigerians should be patient as they would begin to reap the positive results of Buhari’s policy as from February 2017. Nigeria will begin to smile as from next year February. Those who have condemned Buhari will sing his praises; that’s what God revealed to me about this government and Nigeria. If you doubt me, wait till 2017 and come back to tell me these things I told you today are not true. There is a way out for Nigerians. I am already seeing the change, but it would manifest fully in 2017.