Nigerians will bounce back soon —Agboola

Prophet (Dr) Mike Agboola, the General Overseer of Jehovah Power Miracle Tabernacle Church (JPMT), with headquarters in Ibadan, Oyo State, in this interview with Olaide Sokoya, speaks on his experiences as the church clocks seven and makes an assessment of the state of the nation. Excerpts:


WHAT would you recommend as the way out of recession?

Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. Even developed countries in the world like China, India, United States have all passed through recession, but they came out stronger and more powerful.

Economic research reveals that after recession, there is always an economic boom. We just have to pray to God that this recession should end as soon as possible. On the part of the government, they need to re-strategise and introduce programmes and policies that will assist the masses. Nigeria is a nation that is loved by God and I believe that God will not allow us to suffer. However, our government should make sure that the welfare of Nigerians is of paramount importance to them. Also, we have to seek spiritual solutions and that is why I am calling on all Christians not to relent in prayers for our nation. With prayers, Nigeria will definitely overcome all the challenges we are facing now. With God on our side, Nigeria will be among the strong nations in the world.


What is your take on the judges that were picked up by EFCC on allegation of corrupt practices?

My view is that President Muhammadu Buhari should be applauded for this action. It saddens one’s heart that judges that ought to be leading examples are now the ones found in this mess of corruption. Before, judges were like small gods but they have turn themselves to politicians in disguise. I want to implore the president not to be scared of any sacred cow. It is now clear and obvious that the president has zero tolerance for corruption because I believe if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. This will also make other judges to sit tight and discharge their duties with honesty and sincerity. Those judges arrested should be charged to court and proper punishment meted out accordingly because nobody is above the law.


Are you saying that President Buhari is our God-send messiah?

Yes, Buhari is God’s chosen leader. If it is not the wish of God, he wouldn’t have won the election. The president has good plans for the nation, if only we can exercise little patience with him. He needs our prayers because some powerful forces are really working against the success of his administration. But I believe that with the help of God, Nigerians will rejoice in the next one year because things will have changed for better.


How do you think government can tackle the problem of youth unemployment?

It is not only the government that will find solution to the problem of youth unemployment. Government should introduce technical education because it is not all youths that can be productive in white collar jobs. Youths also must be productive and creative. They should look for businesses that they can do that will fetch them money. I also believe youths should be encouraged to go into farming and entrepreneurship.


What are the challenges you have faced in the last seven years, since JPMT was established?

I have faced a lot of challenges in the course of discharging my duties to the Lord. Even Jesus Christ faced a lot of challenges when he was in the world. But I thank God that the person that called me is always with me and has been my pillar of strength and support.


What are some success stories of JPMT in the past seven years?

The greatest achievement is that a lot of souls have been won for Christ. A lot of people have given their lives to Christ through this ministry. Salvation of souls is the most important to God. God has used JMPT to transform many lives for the better. Also I’m always happy because God has been answering our prayers in this church and many people have received their healing. Even God has healed a woman that had breast cancer in this church. A lot of people have been delivered from the oppression of the devil through this ministry.


What is your advice for President Muhammadu Buhari?

My advice for him is that he should continue to lead us with the fear of God. He should not allow cabals to take over his government. He should not be discouraged with the present situation of things and he should continue with his good works and have the love of the masses at heart. He should not forget his electoral promises because Nigerians are looking up to him. He should not betray the trust Nigerians have in him.