Nigeria police need body cameras

Considering the efforts being made by the present administration to restructure the Nigeria police, particularly in curbing the activities of ‘rotten’ police personnel, I want to suggest the use of body cameras for all police personnel on duty.

With the police hierarchy insisting that it would not resuscitate illegal road blocks, some policemen still mount road blocks in order to extort from members of the public. Members of the public have, on several occasions, reported these ‘criminal’ policemen, but how many do we report?

The age we are in is so advanced that, with technology, we can monitor the activities of our policemen. The effectiveness of the Biometric Verification Number (BVN) and the compulsory SIM registration of telecommunication subscribers have proved that we can record success with technology.

As a result, it will be appropriate if the police hierarchy can procure body cameras for policemen in the country. These cameras help record the activities of the wearers, and with this, it will help a central administration office know what each policeman wearing the camera is doing, or facing.

These body cameras are being used in the United States of America, and they are assisting in effectively policing the country.

I believe when the cameras are approved for our policemen, it will go a long away in checkmating policemen who demand for bribe, or those who are involved in other crimes while on their duty post.


  • Seun Folaranmi,