We need moral, spiritual rebirth in Nigeria —Cleric •Says ‘Trump’s election will show God’s power’

THE founder and General Overseer of Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church International, Prophet James Olatunji Omitade, has charged Christians to brace up to their call, saying “we need moral and spiritual rebirth.”

Omitade, who spoke with TribuneChurch in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, also said the recent election of Donald Trump as the next American president was an avenue through which God would display His power in and love for Nigeria.

Omitade said the election of Trump “may spell doom for America, especially the country’s long-standing dominance in world politics, security, economy and  other socio-political affairs.”

The cleric said: “the country needs serious prayers this time and Americans must pray really hard so that the country will not face challenges, a point I have been telling my congregation for a number of months now.”

Speaking on this year’s Holy Ghost Day programme entitled “Power of the Comforter,” held at the church on Saturday, he said “the church as the body of Christ needs more discipline and we must go back to God and return to the church as of old.

“We need moral and spiritual discipline. When we have achieved this, then the power of the Comforter will yield in our lives.”

He added that church leaders were in need of spiritual discipline, “and with discipline, the body of Christ will move more, achieve more and be better for all humanity.

“The leader of the church occupies a sensitive position that could only be maintained by the grace of God. It is only the power of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter that will constrict him to the ‘straight and narrow way’ of the word of God.”

He lamented that for several decades, “the Christian leadership has been battered alongside the church,” adding that “most shepherds have been tossed here and there by the whims and caprices of men; the ‘big’ people in the congregation and even by the approval of conduct, popularly espoused by fellow shepherds whether far or near.”

He advocated the equal treatment of all members of the congregation by clerics, saying “the church functions as the aggregate of numerous individuals who have voluntarily surrendered, submitted and subjected their lives to the leadership of Jesus.”