We need more godly women in politics —Pastor Dina

Pastor (Mrs) Charity Dina is an Assistant Pastor with the Global Life and Power Church with headquarters in Jos, Plateau State. She is also into gospel music. In this interview with ISAAC SHOBAYO, she speaks on the role of women in the ministry and how to overcome challenges confronting many homes. Excerpts:

You are the convener of the Special Women in Ministry International (SWIMI) and recently held a programme tagged ‘Overcoming Family Conference.’ What is the programme about?

When I started SWIMI, the Lord also ministered to me that a lot of homes were troubled; that most of our men have actually left their positions and that is why the homes are not what they ought to be and I felt there was the need to bring families together and encourage one another. Without strong family anchor in the word of God, there can be no strong society and a strong church. That was how we started the Overcoming Family Conference. It is a quarterly programme. The next one will come up in November and the guest speaker will be Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi. Other clerics will also be present and I believe it is going to be a wonderful time in God’s presence because there have been testimonies since we started this programme. The Lord has been doing tremendous things through this ministry; those who want to quit, even minister’s wives, the Lord has touched them. The programme is not targeted at women in this church alone but women all over. In fact, during the last conference, we had people from Togo. It is an open programme, and we have people from other states across the country in attendance. It is an interdenominational event.


What makes the programme unique?

Women are special kinds of people; they are dedicated. Even if it is a cause that will take their lives, they will still remain committed to the cause and we feel that if we can encourage women, they would make good housewives and be useful to the society at large. We encourage them to support their husbands and be the helpers that the Lord has created them to be. Even if you have a calling to the ministry as a woman, you have to submit to your husband because there cannot be two heads. I also want to say that the ministry actually begins from the home, with your husband and your children. You cannot give what you don’t have. What you do at home is what flows into the church and the society; you must be able to bring up your children in the fear of the Lord by providing the right example. The reason we have miscreants is because the home is not what it ought to be. You cannot tell me you have a ministry and you forsake your husband and children.


What is your take on Christian women going into politics?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with women going into politics as long as your are sure that God is with you. You have to know who you are; a lot of people go there and forget who they are. Instead of becoming a blessing they become problem. If you know and are sure that God called you, God will give you the grace and wisdom. In fact, we need godly women in positions like that, in politics. This is not the time that women should be classified as second hand citizens. We are special people created to complement and complete the men. When you promote a woman, you are promoting a nation. God has divine purpose for every woman and my advice is that they seek that purpose. No woman is useless, we are all important before God; God never excluded women from His agenda.


Quite a lot of people were surprised that you’re a gospel musician when you launched your album recently. Why did it take you so long to release the album?

Quite a lot of issues are involved. There is the home, the ministry and other things. Another thing is getting people with the right spirit to work with because I discovered a lot of people say one thing and do another. And I believe that the spirit you carry determines your success and how far you will go in your endeavour. The first challenge is getting people with the right spirit. I would have started from Jos which could have been much easier for me but I chose Kaduna. However, I later discovered that going to Kaduna could be tedious because of other assignments begging for attention, so I had to come back to Jos and my husband suggested going to Panam Percy paul. After I concluded my work with Panam, I still felt that there was more that could be done concerning the work because I wanted to put in my best. I worked with Godswill Tanko until we perfected the album and certified that it was ready for release.


What is the title of the album and what was the inspiration?

The title of the album is ‘God is Good.’ I grew up loving to sing and worship. It is something I was born to do. We are putting finishing touches to the second album too. I don’t want to mention the title now but one of the tracks is ‘I am Grateful.’