NBS solicits cooperation on mortality, violence survey

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has appealed for cooperation by respondents in the ongoing special national survey on maternal and infant mortality rate and violence against women and children.

The exercise, which is being conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the 5th round of Multi Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS5).

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) State Officer, Rakiya Mohammed who spoke during a tour of some enumeration areas (EAs) in the territory on Thursday said although respondents have generally cooperated, some showed apathy.

She disclosed that he survey will also measure educational development of children, nutritional status and women and children’s access to water and sanitation.

MICS is a household based survey developed by UNICEF and designed to assess the situation of children and women in the areas of health, education, child protection and HIV/AIDS worldwide.

The survey also intends to provide up-to-date information on the situation of children and women in Nigeria; strengthen national statistical capacity by focusing on data gathering, quality of survey information, statistical tracking and analysis and; contribute to the improvement of data and monitoring systems in Nigeria.

In all, 37, 440 households would be surveyed in the three-month exercise that will be concluded by mid-December, 2016.

Each state and FCT have been broken down into 60 enumeration areas while 16 households each would be surveyed with the exception of Lagos and Kano which were carved into 120 enumeration areas each.

Also, the current exercise marks the first time that a national survey is breaking down states into senatorial districts and staff of statistical bureaux in each of the states and FCT are involved as a way of building their capacities.