National Convention: PDP stalwart appeals to party leaders to shun inordinate ambition

A leader of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Sepeteri, Saki-East Local Government area, Oyo State, Pa Elisha Olanrewaju has appealed to the leadership and delegates of the party throughout the country to shun 2019 ambitions and vote for credible personalities and chart way forward for the party at Wednesday national convention in Rivers State.

Pa Olanrewaju in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune revealed that the on-going crisis bedevilling the party since it lost the Presidential election in 2015 election, is as a result of inordinate ambitions of some party leaders ahead 2019 elections.

He said: “It will be better for those leaders at every level to feel exactly what they had caused real members of the party. It is better they all suspend their ambition and let the party stand. It is only when there is a platform that anybody can fight to use such platform for anything.

Why are political appointees giving us unnecessary headache because of what they are intending to get in 2019? The same mistake we made during 2015 election seems repeating itself.”

Our real party members are hungry, suffering and lamenting at the grassroots. We knew things weren’t as bad as this when PDP was in power but do we have reasons to castigate the party in power?

“It is high time PDP get it right. The most painful aspect of it is the fact that the core party members at the grassroots that are now bearing the brunt of mistake or arrogance of the appointees. Few people because of their inordinate ambitions are now holding millions of members of the party into ransom across the country, this is not good for PDP and even Nigeria as a country.”

On the delegates of Oyo state chapter going to the convention, Pa Olanrewaju called on them not to vote aspirants who are too ambitious of the political power into any of the posts.

“I urge Oyo state delegates to the convention to think of the party first and not any ambitious personalities undermine their loyalty and course to the party. PDP as a party needs them at this point in time, it is left for them to chose the path of honour and make history as part of those who contributed to the success of the party at this crucial time,” Olanrewaju state.