My wife’s barrenness

I have been married for the past five years and my wife has not put to bed. She has done medical tests and examinations without any solution. I am now thinking of taking another wife because of her problem. However, before doing so, I will appreciate it if you can tell me any drug I can give my wife to make her get pregnant.

Goriola (by SMS)


Before you take another wife because of your belief that your wife is unable to get pregnant, it is important for you to also go for medical tests in order to know if you yourself has any health issues.  Although the general tendency is for me to always blame the cause of infertility in a relationship on the woman, it has been confirmed that a sizeable number of cases of infertility in families are due to the man’s infertility problems. The commonest type of test to confirm your potency is the semen analysis where the quantity and quality of your sperm can be confirmed. The existence or otherwise of any form of infection in your sperm can also be ascertained and treated.