My menopausal problems

I first noticed intermittent hot flushes when I was 47 years old. This later developed into night sweats and difficulty with sleep. Then when I reached 50 years, my period suddenly stopped. Since then I have been depressed, sometimes feeling so low that I want to start crying. My doctor says it has to do with menopause. He prescribed some tablets for me but these did not help. Kindly help me.

Chineye (by SMS)


It is generally believed that Menopause is not a disease that requires any medical treatment. Rather, treatment should focus on relieving the signs and symptoms and the prevention and management of the chronic conditions that may occur with aging.  Such treatments may include; Hormone Therapy including Vaginal hormonal tablets to relieve vaginal dryness, low dose antidepressants as well as some tablets to help reduce hot flashes. In addition, a healthy life style with the consumption of natural food items, regular exercise and good amount of sleep will go a long way in addressing the problem. If the drugs prescribed by your doctor are not working, then you will need to see a doctor who specializes in women’s diseases (Gynaecologist) at the nearest hospital to you for a review.