Musician gets serious beating

He is a popular musician because his own type of music is purely for the street people. Many people don’t really know his name but his stage name has something to do with what people who treat the sick in the hospitals are called.

This young guy got more than what he bargained for recently at an event in Ambode state when he was given merciless beating by some people who described themselves as his fans.

According to Olofofo, trouble started for this musician,  who is notorious for attracting miscreants anytime he is performing, when he arrived at the said programme and dished out his usual gutter lyrics.

After performing and as he made to head for his car, he was surrounded by ‘his fans’ who insisted he must settle then with money. The young guy refused and what followed were series of slaps, the one journalists used to call ‘dirty slaps’.

In fact, Olofofo said while the slapping and beating were going on, some of the said fans were removing his jewellery and phones while it was gathered that he also lost his shoes in the process.

By the time the dust at the scene settled, the musician had to be helped out of the event by security men.