Music is my passion —Teebee

Fast-rising artiste, Teebee has set his mind on the bigger picture in the music industry even as he promised to use his music to put smiles on the faces of music lovers. The graduate of Biochemistry, from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State (LAUTECH), speaks to SEGUN ADEBAYO on his music career and plans to break through.


You released a song  entitled: Gbadun u die and you took a break. Why?

The break was necessary because you cannot chase two birds at once and at the same time catch them all. You definitely will and may even lose all. I felt that music is inborn in me. So, I said music was not going to leave me. At some time, I had to focus and went for the one year mandatory NYSC scheme. During my NYSC, I was recording and writing music almost daily, but didn’t drop any singles. I needed that pause in order to go back to the drawing board and then come out with something massive that we are seeing right now.


Why the choice of Alagbon as your song title?

Your mind will go towards the popular Alagbon Police Station. Alagbon is an area in Lagos. But if you listen to the song, then you will get the gist. So why not listen to the song and get the gist first. The uniqueness of the song makes the song a catch because it is not a regular title. Again, the lyrics and rhythm of the song make it unique. After ‘Alagbon’ comes the video soon with another artiste for collaboration.


Tell us about yourself and how music started for you?

My name is Abiodun Akinpelu with the stage name, Teebee. I am an afro-pop artiste. I am a graduate of Biochemistry from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State. I come from Oyo State of Nigeria. My music career started in 2011 officially. My current single that we are pushing right now is titled ‘Alagbon’. It is my major official single track right now.


Are you not planning to use your certificate to work?

I believe passion is much more important than the course you studied in the university. Education is key. It is good to acquire good education in order to get the platform and edge. But my passion for music is so immense that I can’t even drop it. Even when I was in the university studying Biochemistry, I would go for shows, events and studio sessions. So, basically music is where my entire mind is right now. Music didn’t stop me from doing well in school in terms of academic performance.


Since you started music early, why didn’t you study a music-related course to enhance your career i?

Growing up, music was just a hobby to me. Music was something I did naturally and effortlessly. So, I did not really feel it was necessary for me to attend a music school because I was already doing well in music. What happened was that I was listening to music and learning about it and all that. I was a science student in school. In fact, I wanted to study medicine but ended up with Biochemistry. I thought that if I go for Medicine, the music in me might die and not work again. So, I had to focus on music. My parents really didn’t believe I would go into music. They thought it was a child’s play because they saw me playing around music and were not bothered. But after my university education, I told my parents what my passion is – music.


How would you describe yourself?

Well, I am a cool person. I am also a goal-getter; that is one thing I know about myself. If you ask anybody that knows me, they will tell you I am a goal getter. I don’t just do things but break out of the norms to make my work different. I go the extra-mile to do something different from the way other people do theirs and come out the big way. I am God-fearing. I am someone who always wants to be happy.


If there is one Nigerian artiste you want to do a collabo with, who would that be and why?

Ah! That would be every good Nigerian artiste because you know our sound right now is going global and everybody in the music industry is really putting in their best. But if I must choose one Nigerian artiste for collabo, I would go with Davido because I like his style of music. One thing I like about Davido is that he is very determined;  he is my kind of person. I am a goal-getter. I am very hard working. I feel I am going to do good music together with Davido and that would be a good blend.


With your music, what kind of message do you pass to Nigerians?

Good. You know one thing in Nigeria today is economic hardship. Things are really hard now. My music is meant to make people feel good, good jolly songs that make people forget about their sorrows and problems in order to be happy. In my music, I preach happiness, peace, love and togetherness.


What sets you apart from others?

Well, let me start by saying I am one unique kind of person as I said earlier. I just want to break out. My kind of music is totally different. I do afro-pop music, but if you listen to my sound, you will hear the uniqueness in it. The unique sound that Teebee gives you make me break out from any other artistes.


Which of the music directors are engaging?

We are still sampling right now. For top directors, we are considering Clarence Peters or any other good one.


What is the meaning of TeeBee?

Okay, TeeBee is a nickname given to me by my friends while growing up as a child. You know then we do give each other a peculiar name to each person. So that is how the name Teebee came about. But my real name is Abiodun Akinpelu.