Mum suffered from diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer­­ —Bukky Ajayi’s son

• She was 84, not 82

One of the sons of late actress, Bukky Ajayi, has revealed what led to the death of his mother, saying she suffered from diabetes, hypertension and she was once diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kunle Fawole, who is the last son of the actress, disclosed to R that his mother also suffered stroke a couple of years ago which made her to be confined to the wheelchair and she was even diagnosed with cerebral malaria a few years ago.

According to Fawole, the veteran actress had stroke a couplke of years and had been ill for years. “There was a time she had cerebral malaria. Over the years, there had been a lot of health complications. The cardiologist said there were some complications because she was diabetic and hypertensive. She also had breast cancer much earlier,” he said.

Fawole said it became difficult for the late actress to eat properly before she died, saying that the doctors had to pass tube through her nose in order to feed her.

“We could not feed her normal food because of sugar content in her system. The only option the doctors had was to pass the tube through her nose to her tummy. That was how we fed her for some weeks until that morning that she died. It was my brother who fed her last,” he added.

Speaking on the kind of mother he had, Fawole described her as a disciplinarian, adding that she always pampered her but did not spare the rod anytime he stepped out of line.

“When I knew my mum, she was a single mother. She was my mother and father. I was pampered a lot. But if I stepped out of line, she disciplined me. She gave me a mark on my arm when I misbehaved in school. She said she would give me a mark that my children will see. I talked to her about everything; women, work and life”. He said a lot of people thought the octogenerian was wicked because of the roles she played in movies, but her delivery of roles and diction were natural.

The veteran actress did not build a house despite her many years of acting but she was not poor.

“For someone of her status, she would have owned a couple of houses, owned a production outfit and lived in afflunce, but the condition of Nigeria did not encourage her to live the life of a big actress that she was before she died,” he said.

The Imam of Ikate Central Mosque, Surulere, Lagos State, Alhaji Hamzat, described her as a good muslim who made contributions to the mosque regularly. She worshipped at the mosque for over 20 years.

Her death came to many of them as a shock but it was not a painful one in all as Mama, as she was fondly called, lived a fulfilled life and showed many home video lovers what they would miss when she finally bows out of the make-believe world.

Those who shared the same set with her during her days confirmed that she was a thoroughbred professional actress, little wonder tributes poured in from both young and old. Even those who never shared a set with her liked her for her professionalism.

R investigation revealed that Ajayi died at the age of 84 contrary to 82 that was widely reported.