Mrs Trump triumphs in style

The ‘kunto’ style ladies are obssesing on

Watching the television during the United States of America presidential election night, as the First Lady-in-waiting, Melania Trump, made her way to the stage at the Hilton Midtown, where she wowed the crowd while wearing a white Ralph Lauren silk one-shoulder neckline jumpsuit and which costs $4,000 — about N12.6 million, there was no doubt that Mrs Trump would take many fashion figures breaths away when she resumes her duty as the First Lady.

A Google search on her style history revealed top Italian designed styles, boobs and thigh-high revealing ensembles and over-the-top fashion choices.  This translates that Melania won’t likely dress like the traditionally laid-back and conservative styles that characterize the style choices of the previous First Ladies of America.

The 46-year-old Slovene-American former model shook the fashion world recently with her style choices, as she wore a Gucci blouse, called “pussy bow,” to the second presidential debate.

Check out the picture gallery of her notable stylish moments.

The ‘kunto’ style ladies are obssesing on
This style is flattering and can instantly make a plus-sized and stomp- looking lady to appear taller and slimmer. Why? When you show more neckline in your outfit, it makes your neck longer seem, which in turn makes you look taller. That same illusion of elongation also makes you appear slimmer.

The kunto style is a daring cut that can make a lady feel younger and sexier, if done right. However, a spotless and stretch mark-free cleavage and chest are the important things to consider in order to pull off this bomb style.

Because of how daring and dangerously low the Kunto cut is, to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, wear a camisole or bandeau bra underneath.

Ladies with small busts will have an easier time rocking this look as the garment will lay flatter against the skin, avoiding any unwanted movements that could cause an embarrassing flash.