Movie Review: ‘93 days’ of death, trial and sacrifice

Nigeria was thrown into turmoil in 2014, when a Liberian official, Patrick Sawyer fled his country to Nigeria to seek solution to his health as he was showing symptoms of the highly contagious and dreaded Ebola Virus Disease which was snuffing life out of the people of his country. He was transported to First Consultant Hospital, Obalende where he was, based on a high index of suspicion, screened for EVD.

Sawyer (Keppy Ekpeyoung Bassey) was eventually  suspected and tested for (EVD) by Dr Ameyo Adadevoh (Bimbo Akintola) and tested positive, a situation which led to 93 days of hell on earth as each medical officer in the first Consultant Hospital as well as their spouses battle to save their lives.

The movie, directed by Steve Gukas  93 Days, was reportedly funded with a budget of 400 million and produced by  Bolanle Austen-Peters 93Days is a successful attempt in merging  Nigeria and the West. It was written by Paul S. Rowlston, a South African based filmmaker and features Nollywood and Hollywood actors.

93 days placed in perspective heroes who were of the health workers that against all odds fought to eliminate the deadly Ebola Virus Disease by putting  their lives on the line to stop the spread of the virus as the endocrinologist Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, ( Bimbo Akintola) as an almost perfect being, she had no flaws. It did a little too much to her as it tried so hard to make her a hero, which of course, she was and still is.

Not much depth is shown on the lead role, (Dr Adadevoh’s background except that she was portrayed as a saint who could do no wrong. She even prayed for her colleagues everyday over dinner. The only time she was made look weak was when she slipped into denial as she began to notice symptoms , but she still saved the day by persuading the men in her life to go into the isolation process.

Director Steve Gukas showed a great deal of professionalism  at this project, as he successfully synchronised the cast with the great talent, skill and passion.93 Days will always be a point of reference as other works of his will be judged based on his performance with 93 days.

The technical part of the movie is impressive as pictures are clear, while their costumes were carefully chosen to make it a masterpiece. Danny Glover’s accent was finely fitted to a typical Nigerian accent.

However, real scenes such as the part where people avoided them while trying to touch them were not really elaborate. While another younger doctor, Dr Ada Igonoh played by Somkele Idhalama was not weighed down by the pangs of death, as she fought for her life. Her delivery made the audience swoon in awe of her great role interpretation.

“93 Days” is a triumphant  story of tears, intrigues,  patriotism, and victory. It is a movie which  must be documented  for generations to come. It was a triumph for Nigeria as Nigerians came in unison to fight against a common enemy, tons of hygiene classes rolled in, the government was involved and even the most uninvolved, uneducated masses fought to secure their lives and that of their children.