Our mission is to tackle evil church doctrine —MAC Corps

Mission for Africa International, a paramilitary interdenominational Christian organisation, which started in 2005 and has presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leone, Cameroon and The Gambia, hosted its founder, Edward Taylor, from the United States, on Thursday and Friday, October 13 and 14. The international officers of the organisation and the host, Regional General Officer Commanding Joseph Afolabi, spoke with TAIWO OLANREWAJU and BOLATITO ABOLADE on the achievements of the organisation. Excerpts:


What is Mission for Africa Chaplaincy all about?

World Commandant Apostle Edward L. Taylor: It is to bind people, especially men of God, together in love, unity and humility.


Brief history of the chaplaincy

Chaplain General Thomas Livingstone Ambeck, African Commandant: In 2005, the World Commandant was in a conference in my church, Evangel Christian Centre International, Ghana and while preaching, he pointed at me, saying, “This is the man.” He said it thrice. He later singled me out and repeated thrice again, “This is the man.” I didn’t understand but I knew something spiritual was going on. He went back to the United States and about two or three months later, he phoned me early in the morning to tell me what God told him and that was how we started. Our objective is to correct bad doctrines in churches. The chaplain is a trained and commissioned priest; he is expected to be more disciplined.


How did you get involved in the Chaplaincy and your experience so far?

Chaplain Paul Monday Chom, Commandant General for Nigeria: I got involved with the chaplaincy about three years ago in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. I was called upon to take up the duty of the CG, when the former CG had a little problem. The experience has been tasking but my experience as a missionary cum church planter and as an Air Force officer helped me. As CG, nobody handed over anything to me. More importantly, there was a crack in the organisation. But with the help of God, we were able to resolve all differences and now, Mission for Africa Chaplaincy Corps (MAC Corps) is present in almost all states of Nigeria.


Still on MAC Corps

Chaplain Oyeyemi Isaac Olusegun, National Chairman of Executive Chaplains in Nigeria: There are two arms in MAC Corps, the regulars and the executives. The regulars are the pastors and other members of the corps, while the executives are traditional rulers and very important personalities in the society. They act like fathers or patrons to the regulars.


How did you come in contact with the chaplaincy?

Chaplain Joseph Kayode Afolabi, the host and newly promoted Regional General Officer Commanding: I was invited by a friend in 2010. I gave up my membership of another organisation to be fully committed to the course of MAC Corps. When I met with the African Commandant in Suleja, Niger State, he asked me to collect sand from the ground and said the sand was a sample of what God was about to do in Oyo State, and since then, it has been one success story after another. When there was crisis some time, I did not give up and now, we are established in Oyo State.


How did you come in contact with MAC Corps?

Chaplain Alex Akwaeze, National Planning Committee Chairman: I joined the Chaplaincy in 2009 in Kogi State. The experience has been fun with the help of God. On my message of love to the Nigerian pastors, I would say let us allow the Bible to be the foundation of all what we do. Let us be heavenly focused. The word of God should be our watchword.