My mission is to impact lives with sane music —D’NEW

Daniel Oluwashinoayo Ajilore, otherwise known as D’NEW is a fast rising Hip-Hop artiste. In this interview with ADEOLU ADEMUYIWA, he speaks on his passion for music and how he intends to carve a niche for himself in the industry. Excerpts:


How did you discover your passion for music?

I have always had the passion for music from a tender age. I grew up in church singing and I would say that this has really shaped me and helped me to have an insight of what music entails. Also, having discovered that this is what I love to do, I took time to develop and train myself. The passion became visible when I was in secondary school and I thank God that I followed the vision with the support of my parents. Meanwhile, I would say I inherited music from my mum because she love singing but she did not take it up professionally. I also have a brother that sings too. But the greatest joy is that I have been able to do the family proud by taking music to the mainstream through their collective support and prayers.


How has it been so far with music?

It has not that easy as a matter of the fact that I still have a long way to go. It is a process and I am trying my best to follow the right path in pushing my career forward. Now that I have taken music professionally, I am poised to explore my talent and make a positive impact in the industry. I am confident to say that I am ready for the game and that is why I am here. I know that whatever challenges I am facing now is a step to my breakthrough. I am not into music for fun, but to pass quality information to my fans and to affect generations positively. I sing Hip-Hop and my mission is to impact lives with sane music. I sing about life, current situation as well as inspire people to dance away their sorrow.


How have you been able to combine your academics and music career without any clash?

It is sometimes difficult, but I have been able to achieve a balance through divine wisdom.


How do you draw inspiration?

I tap things through instinct, my surroundings and listening to other music. These processes have really helped me in writing good songs and shape my career.  Aside the fact that I am a son of a cleric, God speaks to me. Sometimes, I sit down and have the feeling that my future is great.


How many songs do you have to your credit?

I have written many songs. At present, I have released three singles and more are coming. Most importantly, I am not in haste to produce many songs at a time, but I think I will be fulfilled if the ones I have produced are having a great impact. So far, the feedback has been encouraging and this gives me joy more confident that I am on the right track.


How do you intend to carve a niche for yourself in the industry?

I am of the opinion that the industry is a place where to explore ones talent and deliver. This is why I am trying to give me best to create my brand and send a signal of positive impact and I know that God will help me.


What is your assessment of the music industry?

It is my joy that industry is giving the younger generation an opportunity shine. This is a good development and I want to urge younger talents, especially the serious minded to tap into it. The entertainment industry in Nigeria has really developed to the admiration of other countries.  But I want some musicians to be mindful of the videos they produce, because reports have had it that weird videos instill negative messages to the younger generation in the society.


What are your major challenges?

I think it is normal to face challenges at this stage; it is a way of paying my dues. At the moment, I am facing the challenge of acceptability as an up-and-coming artiste. This is a matter of time and I am not afraid at all because these are the people that will be longing to have me when I become a star.


What would like to have become in the next five years?

I wish to have become a big name in the industry. By the grace of God, I would have done something great and make a laudable mark as a successful musician because my mission into the industry is to add something unique and make a great impact.