Minister makes case for people-centred leadership

MINISTER of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, has made case for national leadership that centres on the people, as a way to pull Africa from under-development.

He lamented while delivering the fourth convocation lecture at the Nigerian Turkish Nile University in Abuja that many Africans risked their lives while heading to foreign lands in search of better life.

The minister further lamented that while citizens of other continents arrived Africa for resources to develop their various nations, African leaders should use same resources in their various homes to develop their own countries for the happiness and prosperity of their people.

He said, “Such leaders stop at nothing to weaken and if possible strangulate the opposition. This is more so in multi-party democracy where there are many political parties.

“They move very quickly to weaken and emasculate all other institutions of state. With weak institutions, they find it easier to deny their citizens the protection of their fundamental human rights.”