Millionaire, beauty queen’s love nest drama

Eko Akete was more than startled when it got the information that two private properties located in Ikoyi, Lagos had become love nests where some of the very rich, affluent and influential personalities in the country come to have a “nice time.”

It is not uncommon for men to carve out love nests in a safe place to clandestinely tango with their lovers, (usually not their legal wives), but what makes this particular “Ikoyi connection” of special interest is the fact that some of the characters in question can be regarded as being among the “movers and shakers” of Nigeria, especially in the area of business and investments.

The two properties which are both owned by a businesswoman, are built specifically to serve as the homes of expatriates who prefer to lodge in home-like properties rather than stay in hotels the entire duration of their residency in Nigeria.

Thus, in one of the properties in question lives a former beauty queen, who it is understood, has used her beauty to amass enough wealth so much that she could afford a two-bedroom apartment that goes for millions of naira annually.

But this damsel also uses her apartment to play host to some of the very affluent Nigerians who visit her to have “nice time.”

However, recently, “business” almost turned awry for this young lady who is believed to still be in her 20s, when one of her clients, who is one of the richest Nigerians ever, and who had come to see her as usual, had a cause to drive away angrily.

Troubled started when the “rich Baba” was prevented from driving into the premises of the property by the building’s security guards. The guards were apparently acting on the landlady’s order. Apparently knowing that if he stepped out of the car to walk into the premises, like any other visitor, he would easily be recognised, and “bubble fit burst,” the “rich baba” angrily asked his driver to leave immediately.

Naturally, the former beauty queen became so livid when she realised what had happened that she threatened and not just the security guards in question who had unknowingly sent her ‘benefactor’ away, she also boasted that she would wreck the business of the landlady who had given out such an order in the first place.

“Do you realise what you have done? You have sent Baba away because of one stupid directive. Do you realise that the person you have sent away is rich enough to buy up this whole building without batting an eyelid, and both you and your boss (the landlady) will be out of job?”she was said to have yelled out.

But after much pleading and ego-massaging the former beauty queen who lost her crown a few years back was said to have eventually calmed down, while she promptly called “Baba” to apologise.

From what was later gathered, the two lovebirds meet from time to time, as they have since made up, but their rendezvous, understandably, is now somewhere else.