Militants attack: Kudos to military

I want to commend the Nigerian military for the good job it is doing towards tackling the activities of militants in the riverine communities of Lagos and Ogun states. Before the response of the military, the militants acted as if they were above the law, kidnapping and killing people at will.

However, since the military came to our rescue, the militants have been flushed out of their bases, with many of them relocating to other riverine communities in neighbouring states.

While commending the military, I want to charge it to set up water patrol on the waters in these South West states. Before now, militants and armed robbers had been using the waterways to escape from law enforcement agents in Lagos State after committing a crime. I could remember a robbery incident that happened in Victoria Island a couple of years ago. After successfully robbing a couple of banks, the robbers headed for the water and escaped via a boat that had already been stationed there for that purpose.

It is, therefore, important that the waterways are well secured so that these criminal elements won’t continue to have an escape route on the water after their nefarious activities.

  • Isola Tayo,

Ikorodu, Lagos.