Marriage has taught me self-respect and how to pray —Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who recently became a mother, in this interview by Joan Omionawele, savours motherhood and talks about other issues. Excerpts:


Now that you are a mother, what has motherhood changed about you?

Motherhood and the joy of being a mother has changed the way I walk, talk, work, laugh, love. In summary, it has changed my whole life positively. It has also given me a sense of fulfillment and responsibility.

Motherhood has changed the way I see life, my perception of life and life occurrences.

It has increased my love and respect for God because being pregnant and witnessing a miracle each day of my pregnancy term was a glorious thing.

Motherhood has also changed the way I see myself and how I want to be addressed, and has changed my body which I love.


As a wife too, what would you say marriage has taught you so far?

As a wife,  marriage has thought me self-respect, happiness, how to pray and how to be patient.

Well, I think waking up everyday knowing that I am responsible for a little cute angel (my son) urges me to be a better person for the world, because in this world as hard as it is, he needs me to be a better person.


How many more kids will you have before your fans begin to see you on the screen again?

I can’t really say, but I tell my fans that I will be back soon, hunnies.


Talking about Nollywood, what do you think needs to change in the industry?

We have really gone far as an industry, but Nollywood needs Hollywood in terms of  technology, professionalism, support, work ethic, money, etc. Regardless of this,  Nollywood is great.


Now that you are no more signed to Dbanj’s record label, should we say that’s the end of your career in music?

Oh no,  I am still working on something.


So far, will you say love found you, or you found love?

(Laughs) We found each other.


You recently stated that you were not going to have a slim body till you finish breastfeeding your baby, do you think people place a lot of pressure on women in the  society?

The truth about this is once you grow above the chanting of the people and focus on how to keep yourself in a better place, I believe we will all do good. You can’t change the opinions of others. We are all different. You can be big/thick/chubby and still be beautiful.


These days, what is your fashion obsession?

My fashion obsession right now are mummy clothes (comfortable chic breastfeeding easily accessible pieces).


Not much has been heard about your foundation, is it still in operation?

Yes, we are still a functioning body. I can tell you that the tontodikehfoundation is doing extremely well.


Now that you are a mother, what were those things that you used to do as a single lady that you don’t do anymore?

Accepting defeat, I am also more loving and I can beat my chest and say I am a superwoman I can do anything, more so, I believe I deserve it all..

God bless all my fans.