Why Mark Zuckerberg met Nollywood stars

Facebook CEO and social media guru, Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday met with a group of Nollywood celebrities and music icons in Lagos. The meeting involved an interactive session with the Facebook founder

Zuckerberg, who arrived in Nigeria for the first time on Tuesday, had been taking a tour of the country, discussing development strategies with Nigerian entrepreneurs and tech developers.

He had also named Nollywood as one of key sectors of the economy that Facebook will be investing in the future. He described the creative industry as the flagship of the nation’s future greatness.

He said, “One thing I said I would do is to visit Nollywood. It really sounds like a national treasure. They have been able to create entertainment content (the video, the movies) that is not just entertaining to people, but tells the stories with amazing innovation, entrepreneurship and culture that appeals to the whole world.

“After being here, there is no way that this place doesn’t end up shaping the way things get done around the world. I think that once people appreciate that then the nation will begin to develop”.