Man, 31, rapes 19-year-old girl, records act

Thirty-one-year-old Benjamin (surname withheld) has been arrested for allegedly drugging, raping and recording the molestation of a 19-year-old girl.

The suspect confessed to have had carnal knowledge of the teenager, but insisted that they were lovers.

Benjamin said “I did not drug her, but only put Tramadol in her drink before I slept with her and recorded the act.”

He also said that he took the decision when he found out that the teenage girl was having an affair with two other people in their neighbourhood.

The state Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni said the victim and one other person raped the teenager  and blackmailed her with the recorded sex video.

The victim, Mary, told Metro that “I wanted to go and buy my drugs when I met him and he said he could help me get it at a cheaper  rate. Instead  of him to take me to where I would buy the drug, he took me to his house and raped me there,” Mary said.

She added that “he even inserted a candle stick into my private part, after he had rubbed petroleum jelly on it.”

The suspect, however, said “she can say whatever she likes, but I did not drug her. I only put Tramadol  in her drink and we had sex.”

He also said that “I have been dating  her for about one year and four months. We have had sex on several occasions. I did this when I discovered that she was having an affair with two guys in my area.”

The suspect also said that “after I found out that she was having an affair with Michael and Moses, I decided to call off the relationship.”

Benjamin also said that “I recorded having sex with her just to let her leave that boy and she agreed to leave the guys and be with me,” the suspect said.